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Purple Podiums

Welcome to my portfolio!

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I've had the privilege of working with Fortune 500 companies to create user-centric designs that not only meet but surpass business goals. With extensive experience in design, strategy, research, content, and conversation design I bring a well-rounded perspective to product design.

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Chat XD

Enhancing customer self-service through our virtual assistant, achieving a 40% live chat deflection rate and YTD cost avoidance of $1,880,306.


Help Center

Leveraging GenAI for personalized help articles aimed to empower travelers with seamless assistance.

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Conversation Studio

Simplifying chatbot building for hotels, our initiatives aimed to empower travelers with seamless assistance, reducing call volumes and enhancing trip planning experiences.

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RealVitalize's app streamlines property renovations with real-time updates and efficient fund collection, reducing costs and enhancing communication for agents, sellers, and administrators.

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Model Risk Management

Our app team transformed lending risk management for a large banking company, modernizing systems and implementing real-time data tracking for efficient model oversight and compliance, setting a new industry standard.

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From dynamic teaching tools to innovative cost estimators, these projects mark the inception of my journey into machine learning and Gen AI. They embody the essence of human-centered design, showcasing the profound impact it can have.

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