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Esail Cloud is a tactical oceanography training tool funded by The Navy. Esail was built because current educational practices are not immersive and do not use real physics-based sonar modeling to exploit the vast environment of the ocean. The application is complex, and my goal has been to take the complication of learning so that instructors have a tool that allows them to easily build scenarios and show acoustics in 2D and 3D space. 


The process

Determining the primary workflow for an instructor to set up or build a scene was challenging. We broke out the set up into steps so that decision points were clear and concise. 


Stakeholder Feedback

Instructors needed a way to find previously saved scenes and find scenes stored in the database. We provided the option for both in the set up process so instructors could modify what they previously made or quickly find something that already demonstrates a relevant point. 



Design iterations continue on Esail Cloud and we hope that user testing among instructors and students will help deepen our knowledge of the product so we can create an easy workflow to build scenarios and advance Navy training methods. 

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